Final day. Final presentation. How it went?

Our final presentation was held on the 13th of December at 8pm and it finished around 10pm. The order which was supposed to be used for the groups to present got changed due to the first group which were not able to present first. My group presented as the second last. Before starting the introduction I invited everyone downstairs where we had our images setted. My group stood in front of the pictures which gave the impression of real presentation. The girl who added those pictures to SL changed them as slides when we were presenting. I started with the introduction to the brief and to the topic which we decided to carry out. At the end I shared the link to YouTube so everyone could watch it as it was around 2 minutes. This video did the job. It introduced, interested and awoke some emotions around our presentation. Then we carried the whole presentation with pros and cons of every example – post office, banking and travel agencies. At the end Zoe concluded our work and we finished in the time of maximum 10 minutes for what we aimed. Then we got a few questions from John about the different media which were used by our group. We said that our work was based on three different medias – Messenger, Google Slides and Second Life. After this we got a short feedback from John and the guest invited for this class.
My overall opinion about or presentation is good. I think we made a great job together, we worked together helping each other, we understood when someone was not able to show up for the meeting and we kept each other up to date. We all contributed and we all solved issues which we met during the creation. Our final presentation was held without any problems. Everything went as we planned. We hoped that our listeners  enjoyed it.

Here I would also like to add the link to the Video mentioned before for someone who would like to watch it:



This class was all about John giving us last advices of how to put an image into Second Life, what media we can also use for presenting and what to do to deliver the best presentation. One of the girl from my group got some Linden dollars transfered from John, as they are required for uploading the pictures. I also had to become a Module Participant along with a few other people as we did not accept the invitation on the beginning of the module.

My group met after this class as well to decide what media we will be using. We decided to put a number of pictures, each representing every profession + picture for introduction and conclusion into Second Life. We decided to place them downstairs. I also shared a link to a YouTube video which I found interesting in the contexts of our presentation. Everyone was happy with the video so we decided to include it in the introduction. We also agreed for next meeting on Tuesday to get everything sorted out before final day on Thursday.

Walking away…?

Analysing short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas  written by Ursula K Le Guin was one of my favorite moments in Second Life. On the beginning the text seemed to be quite weird and not fully understandable. But by the end it made more sense and even appeared to me when discussing it in the class with a guest – Glenn Loughran, lecturer in Fine Art and Programme Chair of the BA in Visual Art on Sherkin Island.
The whole story was based on a perfectly created world with only happy people living in it. When reading the story, it seems unrealistic and I got a feeling of something bad appearing soon. And I was not wrong. The whole ideal community is based on the bad fate of One Child which is locked underneath the city and stays in disgraceful condition for the rest of the time. The situation will never change. And the main point is that every member of the community is aware of this child existence. That is the point in which the whole key point takes place. The Child changes the image of the city from utopia into a dystopia world. Because of this a moral dilemma arises through the action which people are taking. If they agree with the way things are or if they decide to walk away from that place into unknown.

We could really relate our own world to this story of some people being happy when other have to suffer. Child labour, poverty, homelessness are just few examples. We got used to the way things are. We are trying to change it but in general we accept how our world is functioning.

Our group had the opportunity to meet after this class to finally split up the work and decide who is doing which slides on the final presentation. I am doing the introduction, Ciara – banking, Jenny – Travel agencies, OPrincess- Post Office and conclusion went to Zoe. I was happy with this sharing and I really thought that finally we were getting into the last step of our projects.

Content and Producer discussion. Group project: When technology fails.

Unfortunately I was not present on this class and had no chance to listen to other people opinions around this topic due to my work. Usually I am working till 7pm which gives me enough time to be in the class every week but unexpectedly one person had to leave work earlier and I had to cover her for a couple more hours. Life.
However, I got some idea of the class from my friend which also attend to this module. She explained to me what the conversation was about. ( Thank you Muriel001).
The main questions which been asked are about the change from print to digital in today’s world.
The change can be seen everywhere – newspaper, e-books, bloggers and YouTubers. They all write to us using the digital tool which allows them to get more respond. People are more likely to comment under the online article then to write a letter and address it to the newspaper office. That creates a better relationship between the author and receiver. It is also easier for normal people to become a producer due to the free way of writing your blog. But is everything what is written up there in the online environment full of value? In my opinion, not really. There is a lot of fake informations and fake news created by unprofessional people which usually can not be deleted. One of the exceptions is Wikipedia, who has people responsible for checking all information which were added by other users. Which at least for me makes it more reliable and valued.

Group project. When technology let me down for the first time. We were supposed to meet in Second Life at the other day to discuss all examples which we put on the google slides to pick the best three. Unfortunately my laptop decided to take a break and teach me some problem solving. My screen was full of white lines going through which unables me to see anything. Unfortunately that was the only laptop available for me at home. I had to ask all participants of my group to move our discussion to our group on messenger. Thankfully they agreed and we carried out the work there. We picked three examples which were: banking, post office and travel agencies. Then we discussed them in more detail under the pros and cons of the change to the online service and under the question of how it will impact us and the environment.

laptopScreen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.44.33Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.44.58


The matter of privacy.

Privacy was our next topic for the discussion in Second Life Thursday class.
We asked the question of how safe we are in the online environment, how we can protect ourselves and how other people can destroy and impact our life by breaking the wall between private and public life.
Simply beginning with our images and informations, even our friends may break our privacy by saying, adding a picture or tagging you in something that you didn’t really wanted to be tagged and shared for the millions users. It might be nothing important enough to worry, but that is how it starts. Then people who are trying to ruin your personal life or to ruin the recommendation of your business may strip away things which could easily impact your whole life. Then, looking from a bigger perspective, strangers can rip off your personal details, bank details, addresses and use them in a way which you would not want.

This part really interests me so I had a look on other articles within the ones provided for us.

This blog post titled “Social media privacy no longer a personal choice” written by Bethany Brookshire is one of them which I would recommend to read as well as it rises a problem of people privacy, who are even not a media users.

In this post I also should mention how my group project is going. For a few weeks we were not able to meet at all. We were planning to stay after the class, but we never did. During the semester, when probably everyone still had something to do for the next day it was quite hard to manage the time so it would suit everyone to meet. However, after I created the Google slides, I asked everyone to write down two examples of profession which we could use for our final presentation. We also decided that we will pick the three best which then we will together analyse under a few aspects. My two examples for this were: librarian and travel agencies.
The reason for picking them up was simply thinking about the places which are around town but I do not see many people going in to use their service.

Persona? Identity? Presence?

This weeks analysis around persona, identity and presence is based on the essential readings:  Digital Identity Development in Process and Syrian lesbian blogger is revealed conclusively to be a married man.

One of the first question which appeared to me was the matter of why do we post on social media and how, if at all it is controlled?
In my opinion, the answer will be just as different as people are. It really depends of how much you relate yourself to the online world, if your image and profession is based on ‘face to face’ relation or is it created on media platforms for everyone. However, why people post?
I guess, it is the same reason as for question – why people speak?  I do connect the word post with word speak. They post because they have something to say, whatever if it is about something very private or maybe an opinion about a global issue. We post because we want to share our thoughts, opinion, recommendations, feelings. Sometimes just to grab attention and sometimes just because we feel the need to inform others or simply to start a conversation around some topic.
But.. Do we have a control over it?
We do and we do not. I think that we have a control on whatever we post on different medias, but we can not really control what others may post in relation to us. There is some barriers established in media, which protects us from the worst what others may do to your online identity, but also there is a lot of freedom in speaking about others, and that is where people may support and agree with whatever identity you created for yourself or they may question it and prove you wrong.
The last question which raised through the class was: Is your online identity different to your offline image?
As on the example of the married guy who created an online life for Syrian lesbian, we can see that our real image can not really define and be similar to the one on media. It makes it risky, as people in the same situation bond and shared the fate with this blogger and by the end in a crisis situation they learned that they were deceived.
However, is this question relating to us as well? Normal users of medias like Facebook?
I would say that our image is slightly different. Looking even at myself and my profile image I can see that my posts are calm, I’ve gone over them a few times before sharing, I am not really standing for anything on my account, when in real life I am very temperamental, taking part in discussions and standing to protect in what I believe. I do think we behave different in front of different people. Our online image is the “how I would like to be perceived”, when in real life under many bad or good situations we are behaving more real and we sometimes can not hide our weaknesses or cons.

Being wrong is not wrong. Learning from mistakes. Project briefing.

Since we created the group chat on facebook, we had only one meeting in Second life. At the meeting we noticed an issue about our group chat. There was actually two chats which has been created. One by me and the other one by a different team member. Some girl also did not get the information about our meeting and she did not show up. In that moment I realised that it could be one of the biggest issued arising around the virtual type of work. Not getting notifications may completely ruin your project and schedule.  After the introduction to our brief which occurred in the class we learned that our group performance is important to get this work done but we will be graded on a individual basis, which in my opinion is fair. However, beginnings are never perfect. One of the girls come up with an idea of topic for the brief which was traveling bloggers. We are liked the idea of it but after trying to relate it to the assignment I did not feel like we are doing the right thing. Before some class on Wednesday I got the chance to show and ask for an advice one of my teachers in real life. She made it more clear so I decided to share this information with the rest of my group on Facebook messenger. I also come up with two ideas of either picking up our future profession for analyzing or professions which are disappearing or changing under the influence of technology. Together we decided to go with the second option and we agreed that for the next week every single team member will become with two examples of jobs which they think are relevant.

At the end of that meeting I also decided to create a Google slides to which we all could have access to prepare and add those examples as messenger was not a good option for writing down our key points, as they could easily get lost in the conversation. By receiving all the email addresses from the participants of Mauve group I could share the slides and we could get started with the creation of our final piece of work. We also agreed on a date for our meeting in Second Life. Since we got everyone in the group chat and since we know what we are doing it is getting easier to carry out the assignment step by step.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 18.14.24.png

Our first meeting in Second Life.

On the left group chat created by me, in the middle group chat created by Jenny.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 16.22.35.png

Start of our Google Slides presentation.